How the master would be scheduled?

The final schedule of the master will be approved a month before the course begins. In any case, the lessons would take place from 16.00 to 20.00 hours, from Monday to Friday. One day each week, probably Wednesday, the students will have a day off for team working.

The lessons would begin at the end of October and will finish the last week of May.

Will I need to do exclusively my internships abroad?

As a student you have three choices of realize your internships.

  1. Abroad
  2. In Spain (Almeria or any other city)
  3. Recognition of your previous professional experience.

How can I finance the price of the Master?

There exists a wide variety of scholarships. Also you can apply the scholarship of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Here you can found more information: http://cms.ual.es/UAL/estudios/gestionesacademicas/becas/index.htm

  • MAEC-AECI Scholarship (Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional): Scholarship for Spanish citizens and other nationalities for studies in Spain and abroad. www.becasmae.es
  • ALBAN Scholarship: Scholarship provided by European Union for students with Latin-American nationality to study in Europe. www.programalban.org
  • Ploteus (ERASMUS, Leonardo da Vinci, Sócrates, Tempus): Scholarship provided by European Union for students with non European nationality to study in Europe. www.ec.europa.eu/ploteus
  • Fundación Carolina: Scholarship for graduated Latin-American nationality students for completes their studies in Spanish Universities. www.funacioncarolina.es
  • AUIP Scholarship: Scholarships from the Association of Latin-American Universities for graduated Latin-American nationality students for completes their studies in Spanish Universities. www.auip.org

When the final master dissertation should be submitted?

Students may present their master dissertations either in June or in September. It is a necessary condition to pass all the courses (except the internships) before being cleared to present the dissertation.

Which would be the topic of the master project?

At the begging of January, the coordinators of the master will make official a list of topics offered to the students. The students will apply for the topics they are interested in. The students may also suggest a topic to their project advisor.

Where can I stay during the course?

In addition of rent a flat/room directly from people not related to the University you can visit this website in order to get more information: 


Will all the subjects be in English?

Yes, except those that are related with foreign language learning (French and/or German).

How can I certificate my level of English?

You can certificate your English level with any official certificate. For example Cambridge University certificate of English.

Which are the requirements for the matriculation?

For the matriculation of IMBAL master its necessary to obey one of the follow conditions:

  • You must possess an official University degree which fits with the master profile or a Degree of: Architect, Quantity Architect, Engineer, Industrial Engineer or Teacher.
  • You must possess an official foreign University degree, drawn up by the European higher education system, which allows the access in the country of document expedition the matriculation in a Master.
  • You must possess an official foreign University degree approved by the Ministry of Education and Science which allows you to study in European Union or Spain.
  • You must have an official certificate which proves you B1 or higher English level (for ex. Cambridge University Certificate from B1 to C2).

Can I look for my internships on my own?

Yes, of course.

Is it strictly necessary an official English language certificate to access the master?

It depends on the number of applications. So far, there was always way more applications than spots. Consequently, we have to select the students that better fit. Since all the classes are in English, this is obviously a key point. The best way to demonstrate your level in English (the one that guaranties you a better evaluation during the selection process) is through an official certificate of B1 or higher (TOEFL, First certificate, Spanish Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, etc.). However, if you can demonstrate to us that you speak English correctly (for example, you studied in England for 1 year), you will obtain a lower assessment in the selection evaluation, but it may be enough to be selected. If you fail to present evidence that your level is B1 or higher your application will not be considered.

f course.

Which level of English is ideal to follow the master?

B2 is highly recommended. In the latest years we had an average level of B2-C1, with some students having English as a mother tongue (C2).

I will not have my bachelor’s degree or my English language certificate in July, but I will have if in September. What are my chances to access the master?

Quite fair. We use to accept about 20-22 students in July. However, not every student selected finally enrolls on the master. As a consequence, typically 10-12 spots are offered in September. Our experience shows that, following this procedure, the level of the students selected in July is quite similar to the level of the students selected in September.

Is it necessary to make an interview to be selected?

No. We never needed it, so far. However, it might be the case that after assessing the applications, a number of applicants are separated by just very small differences for the last spots (for ex. ten candidates and two spots). In this case, we might call you and conduct an interview to make the final decision. However, we do not expect that international candidates travel to Spain just to make the interview. This will not penalize them anyhow.

How can I ask for info relating to the pre-inscription process and enrollment?

UAL’s Oficina de acceso (enrollment office) accesomaster@ual.es

I had a problem uploading a document or I believe there is a mistake in the assessment of my application. Who do I have to talk to?

UAL’s Oficina de acceso (enrollment office) accesomaster@ual.es

Where can I find help regarding to housing in Almería?

Follow this link