The University of Almeria, one of the youngest of Spain, was created in 1993. From there, the main challenge has been to “build” the best university and plan its future development. The UAL has grown hugely over the years:

  • Students have increased from 6,600 in 1992/93 to double in the last academic year. We also have over 600 postgraduate students.
  • Professors have increased in numbers from 374 during 1992/93 to more than 800 today, and are organized in 13 departments and 8 faculties.
  • The administrative and service staff has grown from 130 in 1993 to more than 500 recently.
  • And the research groups, which were 17 in the course 1993/94, have extended to one hundred nowadays.


Currently our university has 4 classroom buildings, which offer students the opportunity to study more than 30 bacherol degrees, over 40 master degrees and 15 doctoral programmes. The UAL has also many modern facilities including two auditoriums, a library, several canteens, a covered sports pavilion and several outdoor sports courts. All of them allow the students to enjoy an extensive programme of qualification courses and a wide range of cultural and sport activities, satisfying the demands, not only of the university community but  society in general. The international projection of the UAL offers agreements and exchange undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for students and professors in more than 150 foreign universities.

In short, the University of Almería is constantly adapting their services to the new demands of society to achieve the objectives of excellence in teaching, research and management.