The master in «International Business Administration and Languages» (MIBAL) is an official «professional» postgraduate degree that combines training in languages, mainly English, with international business management.

This master is designed to develop competences in a global business context, and is focused on strategic planning of international operations. This training is of great interest for the main productive sectors in our environment, as all of them (tourism, agricultural sector, agricultural auxiliary industry, and the sector of stone transformation) have a strong export profile which requires professionals with a specific orientation to internationalisation.

One essential aspect of this degree is that it is entirely offered in non-Spanish languages.


Teaching approach

The teaching approach of the master is very professional and practice- oriented. The classes are aimed to get the students’ participation and involvement through teaching techniques such as: case studies, problem-solving learning and teamwork.

The goal is not only to provide the students with contents to study, but to also foster the managerial skills required in tomorrow’s business world.