Professional opportunities

Students who obtain this master degree will be trained to undertake intermediate and senior management positions in companies with an international profile.

This master particularly can be of help to work in areas of Human Resources, Logistics, Customer Service, Commerce, Accounting, Finance, External Commerce, Marketing or Purchasing in companies working in an international environment.


A chance to maximize your own leadership style: self-awareness is critical for global leaders. You will develop an understanding of your individual leadership style and how to be effective in different situations.

What´s next?

A personalized and accelerated general management education: the MIBAL helps you position yourself for a leadership role. It will challenge you to expand your limits and stimulate you to learn from  years of collective experience among your classmates.

A one year challenge in a small, high qualified international group: each year we limit our programme to one class of 30 participants, carefully selected to make up a truly diverse group with complementary skills, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. We keep the class small because this kind of leadership development involves a high degree of personal attention and coaching.

A high return on investment: MIBAL provides you professional opportunities by doing an internship in a local company with international scope or abroad. Knowing these companies may be the forward leap to new work options.

      An immense global network: at MIBAL you will have access to other students, professors, in action managers, companies.  We offer you a cutting edge programme that will meet your needs.