Álvaro López – Cabrales

Álvaro López-CabralesAlvaro Lopez-Cabrales is Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at Pablo de Olavide University (Seville, Spain), where he obtained his doctorate in 2003.
His current work focuses on research in human capital and innovation, analysing to what  extent valuable and unique employees´ knowledge explain firm innovation or learning (Lopez-Cabrales, Perez-Luño and Valle; 2009; Cabello-Medina, Lopez-Cabrales and Valle, 2011; Lopez-Cabrales, Real and Valle, 2011). He also has studied the role of employment relationships in firm competitiveness (Bornay, De la Rosa,Lopez-Cabrales and Valle, 2012; Lopez-Cabrales, Valle y Galán, 2011) and he is involved in a research project assessing the contributions of HRM to dynamic capabilities, refreshing the original idea from his doctoral dissertation (Lopez-Cabrales,Valle and Herrero, 2006).
He has published his research in international journals as Human Resource Management, R&D Management, Personnel Review, The International Journal of Human Resource Management or The British Journal of Management, serving as referee in many of them.