Master in international business«An intensive, international, one-year programme for a selected group of 30 experienced students».

The MIBAL programme was founded over the extensive relationships we have built over the years with successful global organizations. It is a highly selective programme that combines innovation, relevance to business, and a unique blend of intensity and dedication to the student.

During a transformational year (starting in November and ending in October next year), you will experience and develop leadership in action every day and gain the skills to make a difference.

A typical MIBAL class consists of 30 exceptional students, representing many nationalities, who will shape the future of business. Over 80% of the participants are  between 23 and 30 years of age, speak three to four languages and have lived outside their home country.

A typical participant has one to three years of experience, exceptional interpersonal and language skills, a global mind-set and a strong leadership potential.

Focused on career development through applied knowledge and real-world practice, the MIBAL pushes you to gain a thorough understanding of business fundamentals while simultaneously developing your soft skills. During the course, you will experience and develop professional abilities to make a difference.

  • – You will be challenged to become the best you can be, and more.
  • – You will gain practical, real experience in an executive environment.
  • – You will learn how to lead yourself, others and organizations in a responsible manner to achieve extraordinary results.
  • – You will expand your limits and become a part of the global work network.

As a professional and official master, MIBAL is recognized in any public academic competition. This master is suitable for:

  1. Professionals (particularly holding intermediate level posts) in exporting companies.
  2. Students with a bachelor degree in Administration and Business Management, Marketing, Economics, or Tourism who wish to complete their training a postgraduate degree with a strong component of languages. The master is particularly relevant to those students who have undertaken any type of international exchange programme.
  3. Students from foreign language degrees or other careers (engineering, law, etc.) who wish to obtain a complementary training applied to international business management.
    And, in general, all students who wish to start or develop their  professional career in an international context.