Bárbara Larrañeta

Management & Marketing Dept
Pablo Olavide University
Ctra. Utrera, Km.1 41013 – Sevilla (SPAIN)
Phone: + 34 954 34 98 48 Fax: + 34 954 34 83 53
Bárbara Larrañeta is Assistant Professor at Pablo Olavide University (Spain). Her research focuses on start‐ups with a particular attention to the relationship between external knowledge and the development of capabilities and strategies in new ventures. Specifically, she has studied how new ventures are able to develop capabilities associated with the acquisition and assimilation of knowledge from outside the company in order to compete (Larrañeta, Zahra and Galán, 2007; Zahra, Larrañeta and Galán, 2008) and the subsequent effect that the processes of knowledge creation and transfer within organizational groups have on their performance (Zahra, Neubaum and Larrañeta,
2007; Zahra, Van de Velde and Larrañeta, 2007). Bárbara has also studied the impact of external knowledge in the way that new ventures develop their strategic repertoires (Larrañeta, Zahra and Galán, 2012) and the consequences of such strategic repertoires for growth (Larrañeta, Zahra and Galán, in press) . Extending this line of research, her current projects address issues related to access to knowledge through social networks and their impact on the performance of its members (Larrañeta and Molina, 2011), and exploring the connections between the knowledge base or knowledge characteristics of an industry and the survival and growth of new ventures created in different industries (Larrañeta and Naldi, 2010).

The results of Bárbara Larrañeta research are published in international journals, such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Industrial and Corporate Change, and Journal of Business Research, as well as book chapters, such as Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research and Wiley Encyclopedia of Technology and Innovation Management. She has also served as reviewer for several of the publications mentioned.