Salvador Carmona

Salvador CarmonaSalvador Carmona

Professor of Accounting
Dean of Faculty

IE Business School
Calle Pinar 15, 1B – 28006 Madrid
Tel. 0034 91 745 13 77
Fax. 0034 91 745 13 76

While academics and business gurus like to identify new management trends, Salvador Carmona has been fascinated to find that some of the best ideas in business originated centuries ago. Using Spain’s extensive archives he has been tracing the history of manufactories like the Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville and what he believes is an early form of just-in-time production.

“Some 250 years ago, this factory nearly represented 30 per cent of total royal income, and that meant the best of all managerial knowledge was in this factory,” he says. “So by looking at ancient systems one can find insights into contemporary practices.”

When it comes to contemporary practices, Prof Carmona is well versed in management and accounting control, management structures and the implementation of ERPs. In his teaching, he is particularly interested in giving students a very holistic view of topics such as performance indicators and what drives changes in management accounting systems. “International MBA or executive MBA students are going to hold general management responsibilities,” he says. “So they need to know about the technical aspects of accounting, but also about how that will influence their vision and managerial skills.”

In addition to teaching, carrying out his duties as associate dean for faculty affairs and writing for professional journals and magazines, Prof Carmona engages in consultancy work for corporations as well as conducting executive training and in-company programmes that are aimed at the top-level management of multinational enterprises. As of 1 January 2006, Prof Carmona serves as editor of European Accounting Review, a premier accounting journal.

Academic Background

PhD in Economics and Business Administration, Sobresaliente Cum Laude, University of Seville, Spain

BSc in Economics and Business Administration, University of Seville, Spain

CPCL, Harvard University

Academic Experience

Professor of Accounting and Management Control, Instituto de Empresa, 2002 to present

Vice Rector of Faculty, IE University, 2008 to present

Dean of Faculty, IE Business School, June 2009

Associate Dean of Faculty, IE business School, 2003 to 2009

Chair, Accounting and Management Control, Instituto de Empresa, 2002 to present

Dean, School of Social and Legal Sciences. Universidad Carlos III, 1998 to 2001

Associate Dean in Business Administration, School of Social Sciences and Law, Universidad Carlos III, 1991 to 1998

Director of the Master in Environmental Management, Universidad Carlos III, 1994 to 1996

Professor of Accounting and Finance, tenured, Universidad Carlos III, 1993 to 2003

Professor of Accounting and Finance, tenured, Universidad de Sevilla, 1992 to 1993

Chairman, Department of Accounting. Universidad de Sevilla, 1988 to 1989

Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance, tenured, Universidad de Sevilla, 1986 to 1992

Assistant Dean, School of Economics and Business Administration. Universidad de Sevilla, 1983 to 1988

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance, tenure track, Universidad de Sevilla, 1983 to 1986

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spanish Open University), 1982 to 1983

Teaching Assistant, Universidad de Sevilla, 1980 to 1983

Visiting or Research Positions at Arizona State University, University of Gothenburg, University of Alberta, Queen’s University, China-Europe International Business School, Indiana University.

Recent Publications

1. Carmona, S., Donoso, R. and Walker, S.P. (2010), Accounting and International Relations: Britain, Spain and the Asiento Treaty. Accounting, Organizations and Society.

2. Carrera, N., Carmona, S., and Gutierrez, I., (2008), Human Capital, Age and Job Stability: Evidence from Spanish Certified Auditors (1976-1988). Accounting and Business Research. Vol. 38, Number 4: 295-312.

3. Carmona, S. and Ezzamel, M.: On the relationship between Accounting and Social Space, in Chapman, C., Cooper, D.J: and Miller, P.B (eds): Accounting, Organizations and Institutions (Oxford: Oxford University Press): 137-156.

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